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|| Indie RP for AU Sonic the Hedgehog ||

(( Okie dokie. Download is about, finally, done. So this is goodbye for today guys. Later~! ))

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"Weird t’ us you mean? I don’t doubt they exist, might be cool t’ hear if we ever find one," he mused thoughtfully. Trying to even think about what it might sound like had the hedgehog pretty excited for such a place in the future. "But I think it’d be ever weirder to land somewhere were they don’t talk at all.”

"Or maybe where everyone’s green and talks gibberish all the time.  Or maybe just talks funny."  At this point, random thoughts seem to be occuring, at least for now.  This is probably due to being an oddball.

The thoughts got a chuckle from the hedgehog at least. “Tell ya what, Sparky, if I ever ran int’ a place like that I’ll be sure t’ send ya some pictures~”



"The frilliest apron there is."

Give him a moment to think about that…

Now cue the giggles.



Sonic didn’t bother explaining that he knew her name already, figuring that would lead to more confusion than ever. Plus he had never been great at explaining the Multiverse to people. “I’m Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog,” he greeted back with a polite little bow. “Nice t’ meet cha, even though I’m sure you weren’t really looking for me, were ya~?”

"Well… no, but it’s okay. I like anybody who visits the Ark." She gave him a warm smile.

"Sonic… it’s good to meet you. Say, have you seen Shadow anywhere? I wonder if he would be happy or jealous that there’s another hedgehog here."

"Can’t say I have," was the honest reply, followed by a shake of the head. "You’re the first person I’ve run into, believe it or not but maybe that’s a good thing. Something tells me if I ran into Shads he’d thrown me out int’ space." 

Sonic was half joking with that statement. Honestly he didn’t know what to expect from Shadow alternates anymore. 


Elsa watched him carefully, a little bit amused by all is struggling. The ice started creeping higher, but very, very slowly. “The more you struggle, the higher it’ll go.” She said, gesturing to the ice with a grin.

"Oh? Not many take a wrong turn into the middle of a kingdom…."

That stopped the hedgehog’s squirm quick enough as emerald eyes glared down at the one thing holding him back at the moment as if his gaze along could melt the ice. It didn’t, unfortunately, but Sonic at least managed an awkward chuckle.

"I’m kinda what people call ‘direction challenged’, what can I say~?”

*Offer's Chili dog*

"Wa~ay better than turkey leg, thanks~!"


agiftedglider said: 

Look who has an open mouth. So turkey leg was shoved into that open mouth.


//aggressively waggles turkey leg at


"Bleh! Keep that thing away from me."


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“Who are you and what do you want?” 

"Sonic, and I’d love t’ know where I am~”

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