A real hero is made such by mistake;
He dreams of being an honest coward


Adorable babies.


Oh gee I just love drawing Amy so much, especially in cute frilly dresses~!! (´∀`)♡

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*sweats nervously*

It’s a combination of my two favorite things!

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"Family of the millennium sounds more like it. Heh, Uncle Chuck, Uncle Sonic. Ever wonder just how big this family is?"

"I think if I tried t’ think about it my brain would explode, so I don’t. Makes finding another member that much more exciting~"


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"Hello!" said Jareth, dropping down and hanging upside down from above. 


'hewwo!' Theta squeaked before dropping down as well. He was hanging from the same place as Jareth but by his long tail rather than his legs.

Emerald eyes shifted back and forth between the two boys as the hedgehog’s face split into a friendly grin, a wave following shortly after.


"Yo~ How’s it hanging, Kids~?"

Yes, pun entirely intended.

Summer Days [ Open To All ]


The entire comment got a chuckle out of Hark was Arrow explained why he tended to wing everything. Made sense, though, and the black hedgehog had really no issues with it.

Because that was how it had worked for them. He would plan the mission and, if ever something went wrong, Sonic would help him out. Of course, he’d gloat like nobody’s business, but he’d help out first and foremost, and that was okay.

So he could only ruffle Arrow’s hair as he joked, “I’ll give you my laywer’s phone number, then. For constant property destruction and plan destroying.”

Despite the initial surprise that Hark just ruffled his fur - something the hedgehog usually did to people younger than himself - he still offered up that toothy grin before fixing the messed up fur with one hand. “You say that like it’s a bad thing,” he joked, quirking a brow. “‘Sides none of that would happen if The Doc’ would get it through his thick skull that he can’t win.”

Even if the the hero tried to keep the ‘property destruction’ to a minimum it wasn’t exactly an easy thing to do when missiles and giant robots were on your tail. But he thought - thought might be the word here - he managed alright in the long run. 

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Dark Half


"Y-Yeah!" He said, sniffling once trying to dry his tears. He rubbed his eyes with one long sleeve as he tried to stop his tears from falling. He sniffed once more as he blinked a few times to make sure his eyes were dry. He looked Sonic in the eye and nodded once, determination  filling his face suddenly.

"They’re in my home! Sprucewood is the town’s name. Do you know where it is Mr.Sonic? Do you? I bet you can get there fast!  We better hurry!" He cried out as he grabbed the Hedgehog’s hand and started trying to pull him along. 

"W-We can stop that bad man and all those robots! I just know it! You’re too cool to be beaten by anyone like them!" The Skunk said, growing more and more confident as Sonic’s promise sank in.

"That’s more like it," giving the kid’s head a playful noogie the speedster grinned in reassurance before standing again. He could only imagine what the kid had just went through and what he was about to walk - rather, run - into himself but there wasn’t enough time to piece together much.

Sonic knew of Sprucewood, he had passed through it countless times before but never bothered to stop there apart from the quick ‘hello' to the townsfolk, so getting there would be no problem. In fact the only problem the hedgehog had was the thought of dragging this kid into something that could very well be dangerous for him but one look into the kid's eyes told him that convincing the little skunk to stay would be impossible.

The kid’s confidence was catching though. “You said it, Kiddo. First thing’s first though, we need t’ find this guy. Care for a lil’ ride~?” As urgent as their mission was Sonic couldn’t wait for the kid to try and keep up after all. 

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"Well after living here all my life you tend to know which bakeries serve the best food" she joked, a wry smile curving her lips upwards as she glanced at the hedgehog.


"Guess that makes sense," he figured, feeling rather ridiculous for not expecting such an answer. "So you’ve never lived anywhere else? Ever?"

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