uhhuh The Running Free
The Running Free
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"Wanna talk?
Gotta be able t' keep up first~"

STATUS: Perfect


|| Indie RP for AU Sonic the Hedgehog ||

(( Remember that pic I said I was going to draw of the muse with his birthday gifts? No? Of course not, because that was like two and a half months ago. ))

With a ‘thud’ the Hero of Mobius hit his bed, asleep in seconds after another good day.




Taking risks is so important, but fear tends to keep us from taking that chance and screws us up in life. We can’t ever let fear stop us from taking that risk, or else we will regret it and always wonder. Taking that risk - telling him you are in love with them, asking her out on a date, standing up for something you believe in, dressing how you want, going on that roller coaster, trying out for the sports team, learning a new instrument, and so on - are all stuff that can be scary to do or think about doing, but once you do - you become stronger and wiser and possibly happier. You took the chance and now you know, and won’t always be wondering ‘what if…?’ because you ignored your fear and took the risk despite what the outcome might have been!

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